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Grey Junglefowl by blue-skua-feathers Grey Junglefowl :iconblue-skua-feathers:blue-skua-feathers 4 0 blood pheasant by blue-skua-feathers blood pheasant :iconblue-skua-feathers:blue-skua-feathers 2 0 Blyth's Tragopan by blue-skua-feathers Blyth's Tragopan :iconblue-skua-feathers:blue-skua-feathers 2 0 Red-and-yellow Barbet by blue-skua-feathers Red-and-yellow Barbet :iconblue-skua-feathers:blue-skua-feathers 4 0 Major Mitchell's Cockatoo by blue-skua-feathers Major Mitchell's Cockatoo :iconblue-skua-feathers:blue-skua-feathers 5 0 Mrs Hume's Pheasant by blue-skua-feathers Mrs Hume's Pheasant :iconblue-skua-feathers:blue-skua-feathers 2 0 Superb Starling by blue-skua-feathers Superb Starling :iconblue-skua-feathers:blue-skua-feathers 4 0 Yellow-throated Hanging-parrot by blue-skua-feathers Yellow-throated Hanging-parrot :iconblue-skua-feathers:blue-skua-feathers 3 0 Thick-billed Green-pigeon by blue-skua-feathers Thick-billed Green-pigeon :iconblue-skua-feathers:blue-skua-feathers 7 1 Black-naped Oriole by blue-skua-feathers Black-naped Oriole :iconblue-skua-feathers:blue-skua-feathers 4 0 king bird of paradise by blue-skua-feathers king bird of paradise :iconblue-skua-feathers:blue-skua-feathers 7 2 amazonian motmot by blue-skua-feathers amazonian motmot :iconblue-skua-feathers:blue-skua-feathers 3 2 sarus crane and common crane by blue-skua-feathers sarus crane and common crane :iconblue-skua-feathers:blue-skua-feathers 2 0 bliths hawk eagle by blue-skua-feathers bliths hawk eagle :iconblue-skua-feathers:blue-skua-feathers 9 1 Magnificent Frigatebird for trade  by blue-skua-feathers Magnificent Frigatebird for trade :iconblue-skua-feathers:blue-skua-feathers 3 2 Lesser sulfur crested cockatoo for trade  by blue-skua-feathers Lesser sulfur crested cockatoo for trade :iconblue-skua-feathers:blue-skua-feathers 2 0


The Livingstone's turaco by bluederive The Livingstone's turaco :iconbluederive:bluederive 6 0 Jynx torquilla by Bledhgarm Jynx torquilla :iconbledhgarm:Bledhgarm 1 0 Faces by Leaubellon Faces :iconleaubellon:Leaubellon 213 16 Crowned Victoria Pigeon Feather by urbanarthermit Crowned Victoria Pigeon Feather :iconurbanarthermit:urbanarthermit 10 4 Marbled frogmouth by bluederive Marbled frogmouth :iconbluederive:bluederive 7 2 ID help by BlueflyghtFeatherz ID help :iconblueflyghtfeatherz:BlueflyghtFeatherz 3 14 Ruppell's starling (Lamprotornis purpuroptera) by EinarrUlfr Ruppell's starling (Lamprotornis purpuroptera) :iconeinarrulfr:EinarrUlfr 3 0 Elliot's pheasant (Syrmaticus ellioti) by EinarrUlfr Elliot's pheasant (Syrmaticus ellioti) :iconeinarrulfr:EinarrUlfr 4 1 Eurasian sparrowhawk by RinoRin69 Eurasian sparrowhawk :iconrinorin69:RinoRin69 7 3 Juv. goldfinch by Melonenfreunden Juv. goldfinch :iconmelonenfreunden:Melonenfreunden 1 9 Parasitic ajeger by LightBlueJay Parasitic ajeger :iconlightbluejay:LightBlueJay 1 0 Channel-billed cuckoo by Melonenfreunden Channel-billed cuckoo :iconmelonenfreunden:Melonenfreunden 12 14 Red-billed chough feathers by TichodromaMuraria Red-billed chough feathers :icontichodromamuraria:TichodromaMuraria 3 0 Upland buzzard by RinoRin69 Upland buzzard :iconrinorin69:RinoRin69 7 0 Colaptes auratus by Bledhgarm Colaptes auratus :iconbledhgarm:Bledhgarm 5 4 Ferruginous hawk by RinoRin69 Ferruginous hawk :iconrinorin69:RinoRin69 10 0



blue-skua-feathers's Profile Picture
hello, you can call me skua.
.I am a teenaged feather collector.
.I do not kill birds.
.ask me about trades

wish list:
great skua
south polar skua
long-tailed jaeger
pomarine jaeger
carmine bee-eater
European bee-eater
bird of paradise sp
bronze wing dove
Himalayan Monal Pheasant
fairy bluebird
major Michaels cockatoo
cock of the rock
Palawan peacock-pheasant
blood pleasant
Satyr Tragopan
snipe feathers
things I will except in trade
postage stamps

things I will not except in trade
souls of the damned
Anas crecca
Bucephala albeola
Lophodytes cucullatus
, Alectoris chukar
Centrocercus urophasian
Callipepla californica
Gavia immer
Fulmarus glacialis
Puffinus puffinus
 Oceanites oceanicus
Mycteria americana
Morus bassanus
Pelecanus occidentalis
Mycteria americana
Phalacrocorax auritus
Pelecanus erythrorhynchos
Nycticorax nycticorax
Egretta garzetta
Eudocimus albus
Coragyps atratus
Cathartes aura
Gallinula galeata
, Haematopus ostralegus
Leucophaeus atricilla
Larus heermanni
Larus argentatus(American )
Thalasseus maximus
Fratercula arctica
Zenaida macroura
Zenaida asiatica
Zenaida macroura
Coccyzus americanus
Megascops kennicottii
Antrostomus carolinensis
Antrostomus vociferusIs
Sphyrapicus varius
Cyanocitta cristata
Corvus caurinus
Certhia americana
Turdus migratorius
Oreoscoptes montanus
, Dumetella carolinensis
Mimus polyglottos
Setophaga palmarum
Seiurus aurocapilla
Cardinalis cardinalis
Quiscalus quiscula
Gallicolumba luzonica
Ducula bicolor
Caloenas nicobarica
Amazona oratrix
Agapornis roseicollis (gray blue opaline mutation)
Rissa tridactyla


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War-Thrush Featured By Owner Edited Feb 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I found.

I accept souls of the damned with correct verification and papers, proof of purchase etc
SiwySzczur Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2017
Nice gallery:)
Gamma-Wings Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh look an account of yours I didn't know of, how many accounts do you have Skua? ;D
Hmm, trades might be a cool thing to do in the mail when I move, too bad I don't have any feathers except for peacock and budgie feathers. :XD:
blue-skua-feathers Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017
Oh yes this one lol but you have one the game and found all my accounts. When I send you the letter I will add some feathers in.
JOCAPS Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016
hi Skua!
thanks for watching!
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